Welcome to My Gear Fetish! We are excited to have you here. 

The concept for My Gear Fetish was born from a common problem – finding the best gear at the best price.

The problem

So you’ve decided you need a new piece of gear – latex or leather, lockable or inflatable. But where to begin? You know the big end of town, but also want to support small local. Sometimes you’re happy with second hand, or used gear is a turn on, but the usual auction sites are tough to turn up those specialist items. And how do you know you’re getting the best price, or the best quality?

The solution

Enter My Gear Fetish.

– Compare quality gear from small and large manufacturers around the world

– Browse well loved items from other members

 – Save your interests and see recommended items for your taste all in one place  

– See feedback from other satisfied customers

– Be part of the world’s fastest growing fetish community

Our vision

My Gear Fetish celebrates those who create for the fetish community and shines a spotlight on smaller makers from around the world.

It also gives those who need more gear (and let’s face it – enough is never enough) greater variety and access to creators they had never heard of before, from around the globe – whatever their fetish.

By selling with us you are helping bring to life our vision of a fetishy world where everyone can find something that they like that gives them the confidence to be their true geared self.

And if you are looking for new gear, we bring the largest variety of everything you are interested in from around the world, complete with buyer protection.

Why sell with us?

My Gear Fetish is unique in that, unlike other online stores, we cater purely to a fetish audience! 

Fed up with the difficulty in price matching a new pair of leather pants or a latex top across various sites, or trawling non-fetish sites in the hope of finding something, the idea was born to create a dedicated fetish auction and marketplace site making it easier to see what is out there, and open up opportunities to smaller sellers.

Not only that, we have carefully benchmarked ourselves against the big competitors and think you’ll be pleasantly surprised – you really can have the boutique experience at a bargain price!

List your items with us and let us bring the buyers to you. My Gear Fetish attracts buyers from around the globe through targeted advertising, relevant blogs and innovative offerings that evolve over time.

We are here to help you every step of the way, whether you need help listing your item or finding your fetish.

Welcome to My Gear Fetish.