Chris has been my cycling buddy since before either of us knew we were gay. In fact, I like to believe from time to time that it’s Chris’ fault I turned out the way I am. If he didn’t look so good in spandex, damn, who could I have been? Despite our obvious attraction to one another, we had never actually done anything beyond a few flirty comments. In fact, nothing was particularly unique on that day. Sunny. The birds chirping. Chris’ ass shaking in front of me.

Riding behind Chris is always the better view. His ass moves back and forth with each pedal. It’s like he’s moving to his own beat. The lycra clings to him. I can feel myself getting worked up. My blood and heart are pumping and before long I’m hypnotized by his ass. I need to get my mind back on track. Stop looking at him. Focus on anything but that sweet, sweet ass.

Pedal. Pedal. Keep pedalling. Keep up with him.

Damn, he moves fast.

But suddenly, he pulls his bike over to the side of the road. I pulled up alongside him.

“What’s wrong, Chris? You got a flat?”

He grins. “No, no flat. I just needed a break.”

“Already? We’ve only gone a few miles.”

“I know. It’s just easy for me to overheat when I’m riding on a hot day like this. I gotta cool down.” He takes out his water bottle and pours some of it over his face. The water soaks up into his fabric, making the bright yellow lycra cling tighter to his skin. To his chest. To his… And that’s when I see Chris, rubbing his rock-hard cock through his shorts. “Oh yeah, that happens too. Riding gets me so horny sometimes. Especially riding with you. I’m guessing you feel the same way?”

“I- well I-“ I look down and see what he sees. I’m also hard.  There’s no hiding it in lycra. I cover my bulge and turn away embarrassed. “I’m sorry,” I blurt, “I just- you know- sometimes- well- hmmm…”

“Sorry,” Chris says, sighing. “This is embarrassing. I’m sure it’ll go down if we keep riding. Should we keep riding?”

My instincts take over. I turn back to Chris. “If you’d like, but I think you’re right… we do need a break.”

I grab his crotch and feel his bulge over his shorts. I can feel it get a little harder- pulsing with my touch. We kiss. His lips are smooth and have a taste of salt from his sweat. Our breath gets harder and harder as we both gasp for air.

He whispers in my ear. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long. All those rides together. You’re irresistible when you’re in a cycling kit.”

His hands work their way down to my bulge, then my ass, as he gets down to his knees. He mouths my bulge, licking and sucking it through the lycra. His tongue moves with ease. My kit is getting tighter and wetter from his saliva. As he does this, he’s squeezing my ass like he’s grabbing it for dear life. He needs to keep his mouth on my dick.

“I’ve always wanted to do this.” He manages to moan.

“Don’t stop then.”

And he doesn’t. He keeps going. I keep worrying a car will pass, a poor innocent straight will catch us in this act. But it doesn’t stop us. Nor do I want us to. Let anyone pass by. Let them see us. We’re in ecstasy.

We swapped over. I open his jersey and pull down his bib shorts enough for his dick to pop through. It’s already dripping with precum. My mouth is drooling. I start sucking letting my tongue swirl around, allowing his dick to go as deep as it can. He’s thrusting and I feel the urge to gag, but I mustn’t. I want his dick in my mouth. It’s so salty from his sweat, but the precum makes it sweet. I can barely catch my breath. It’s like the hardest ride I’ve ever done.

He towers above me. I’m ready for his cum. I jerk myself in my gear, reaching through my gear. The lycra rubs the top of my penis as my hands stimulate the rest. I’m getting so close. And so is he. He’s longing for release and I’m ready for it. He grabs my head and continues jerking.

“I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.”

And he does, over my body, my face, and all over my gear. It tastes sweet but sweaty. It drips down and soaks into the gear. I can’t help it now. There’s no stopping my load now. I cum into my shorts practically filling them. Some of the cum goes through the fabric mixing in with his.

He comes down to me, kissing and licking my body of our cum. I feel my whole-body tingling. Did we really do that? My lycra no longer feels as tight, but it’s certainly wetter and stickier than it did before.

“Well, you ready?”

“For what?”

“For the rest of the ride.”

“I can’t ride like this!”

He grins and helps me stand up. “Well, there’s no other way home. So, it’s either cum-stained gear or riding naked. Take your pick.”

I smile. “I’ll keep the kit on. I look better in it anyway.”

“Damn right you do.”

We kiss one last time and ride off. I never managed to get the stains out after the ride. Not that it mattered. Chris and I had many more rides to do after that day.

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