Meet your third and final contestant for the 2021 Melbourne Rubberman title, Sy Sy (they/them/he). It was great to find out more about Sy Sy in the interview and I’m looking forward to the contest on Friday to see all three contestants in action!

How would you describe your gear fetish?

My gear fetish involves accentuating my physique and my sensuality. I like my gear to have, at least some, skin accessibility.

I’m into various materials, including: Latex, Leather, Lycra, and Mesh.

My latex outfits will always have snaps, releases, and/ zips. some are listed below.

The sensation of Slick Latex and how it catches light really vibes with my artistic side. Latex’s flexibility is what I enjoy most.

 My fetish gear wardrobe includes but is not limited to:

– A centurion kilt with open slits and a leather harness,

– Shorts that show off my legs and butt. (I haven’t progressed into full pants yet)

– My favourite piece of latex is a dungaree with thick strappy shoulders that fasten and a chest pocket that allows me to carry stuff; the crotch also has a central snap release, and zips along the side for the extra ease of access.

– Two thong one piece bathing suits, one mesh and one Lycra for summer at the beach or pool.

– a latex thong with a zip front is always a fun piece for home time events.


How did you discover your gear fetish? 

I guess my first Latex introduction was my swimming cap at primary school swimming classes. That smell of fresh powdered Latex instantly transports me back to the chlorine-filled swimming pool where I was wearing my speedo and feeling strange looking at all the other boys in their speedos. Fast forward to my teenage years when I first watched The Matrix, the dance club scene was fascinating to me, to see these people writhing in a laser-lit room wearing kink gear really struck a nerve with me. I didn’t know how to process the feelings or the images, all I knew is that I wanted to be a part of it.


Describe the feeling you get when you buy new gear

I’m one of those people that, whether it’s buying fetish gear or street clothes, I need to feel sexy and or get aroused when I’m in the dressing room; So buying clothes is a sexual event for my body and mind.


What do you love about Fetish Gear?

What I Love about fetish gear is how it reveals who you are. It allows you to be the ‘too much’ that others have told you not to be. It inspires you to be the You-est of You’s. It gives you permission to experience life how you choose to.



You can find Sy Sy on Instagram

The 2021 MRM contest is being streamed on Youtube Live this Friday from 10 September from 8pm AEST.

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