We caught up with the four guys who are bringing a week of fetish to Sydney for the world famous Mardi Gras. Matt, Daren, Mike and Pete have been running these events since 2020 and they’ve drawn some crowd and infamy in Sydney!

Let’s find out more about the Eagle Sydney and what to expect at their events!

Matt, let’s start with you. Where did the idea of the Eagle come from?

We’d been holding a couple of one off fetish nights in the Burdekin Dugout bar when the opportunity to run some nights during Mardi Gras 2020 came along. Fetish folk didn’t have a dedicated place to gather during Sydney’s largest LGBTQI+ celebration. A couple of brain-storming nights and we had more theme ideas than nights to run them! MG 2020 Eagle was a run away success… then Covid hit. We’ve had a few small gatherings when we could with some restrictions, and are so excited that this year we can have a full 7 nights of Eagle events!



Daren – you’re very experienced with attending fetish events in Sydney. What can people expect when they come to the Eagle Sydney?

You’ll see a pretty mixed fetish crowd and by that I mean different kinks and ages, different body shapes and backgrounds. For some it will be their first event and for others they may be long standing members of the Sydney kink community.

We don’t really have a ‘type’ so there’s room for everyone to fit in. People tend to wear gear to Eagle Sydney that they may not often have the chance wear out. Nearly everyone who comes uses the coat check so to keep it as sustainable as possible bring your own bag and you can change there.

We’re lucky to have some awesome DJs, the line up for Mardi Gras this year is great. You can choose to dance the night away (when restrictions allow!) or head over to the other side, away from the dance floor, where it’s easier to catch up with mates, or make some new ones.

Mike – what have you got planned for this year? What are the themes for the different nights?

We have some new nights this year I hear people are excited for like imPACT and DRILLd, and some old favourites like WROOF and KICKr. And every night is open to any fetish. Here’s the full line up!

  • Saturday 26 Feb – RUBBEr
  • Sunday 27 Feb – BLUF
  • Monday 28 Feb – imPACT
  • Tuesday 1 Mar – DRILLd
  • Wednesday 2 Mar – KICKr
  • Thursday 3 Mar – WROOF
  • Friday 4 Mar – UN:RU:LE (UNiform, RUbber LEather)

All events are at the Burdekin, start times vary, small cover charge to cover admin and running of the events.

And finally Pete – I don’t have a lot of gear, can I still come along?

Absolutely! We recognise that some people don’t have a lot, or haven’t started on their gear adventure yet but want to come along and see what it’s all about. At the Eagle Sydney gear is encouraged but not enforced. And even though there’s a theme for each night you can choose to come in whatever you want!

And of course if you’re looking for something new to wear, or just some inspiration, look no further than My Gear Fetish for new and used rubber, leather, sports kit and more!



We hope to see you at the Eagle Sydney, running from Saturday 26 February through to Friday 4 March at the Burdekin Hotel, 2 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst Sydney.

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